Søren Johansen


Chairman Søren Johansen

Partner, Altor Equity Partners A/S

b. 1965  


1989: M.Sc. in Law, University of Copenhagen
1992: Admitted to the High Court
1999: Admitted to the Supreme Court

Career Summary:

1989-2011: Reumert & Partnere
1992-1995: Resident, Reumert & Partners, London
1999-2007: Partner, Reumert & Partnere and Kromann Reumert
2007-2011: Managing partner, Kromann Reumert
2011-present: Altor Equity Partners A/S

Positions of Trust:

Chairman of: Tænketanken Justitia, Statens Ejendomssalg A/S, Technoinvest A/S , B. Bille A/S, Okholm ApS

Board Member of: Ove Wrist & Co. A/S, Wrist Marine Supplies A/S, Sonion A/S, Xilco Holding A/S, CAM Group Holding A/S