About Justitia

Founded in August 2014, Justitia is Denmark’s first judicial think tank. Justitia aims to promote the rule of law and fundamental human rights and freedom rights both within Denmark and abroad by educating and influencing policy experts, decision-makers, and the public. In so doing, Justitia offers legal insight and analysis on a range of contemporary issues.

Vision Statement:

Justitia seeks to become Denmark’s preeminent think tank on research related to human rights, fundamental freedom rights and the rule of law. Committed to protecting the basic rights that underpin liberal democracy, Justitia offers new policy ideas and creative solutions aimed at enhancing freedom rights. The long-term goal of the organization is to help shape the international dialogue on freedom rights.

Mission statement:

Justitia’s mission is to serve leaders and the public by providing high-quality research and distinctive perspectives on issues of liberal democracy, rule of law, and fundamental freedoms. In addition to contributing clear, thoughtful, and incisive analysis on vital public policy issues, Justitia seeks both to participate in and to set the agenda for public debate.