Sponsors and funds


Justitia does not receive any form of public support and is solely funded by sponsorships from foundations, companies, and individuals. Justitia is independent in its work from political interests, sponsors, central administration, universities, businesses, individuals, and other forms of interests. Among the companies that have donated small sponsorships to Justitia are Meta and Google, as well as Moalem & Weitemeyer.

Based on expertise

Justitia's priority and choice of which analyses, investigations, recommendations or comments on ongoing debates, Justitia presents, are made solely on the basis of a professional legal assessment with a focus on Justitia's purpose of promoting respect for fundamental freedoms and the rule of law, and never with regard to external parties, sponsors or political parties.

Justitia develops projects and themes on a professional legal basis that the think tank wishes to focus on and work with, and seeks support from, among others, foundations on that basis. Justitia's sponsors, therefore, have no influence on Justitia's daily and concrete work, or on the recommendations Justitia presents.

Thus, Justitia does not carry out commissioned work by external parties.


Justitia's lawyers and attorneys only have knowledge of the foundations that provide support for Justitia's projects, but have no detailed knowledge of Justitia's funding sources. This principle aims to strengthen Justitia's independence and ensure that Justitia's employees do not have the opportunity to favor any interests in the preparation of analyses, reports, recommendations, and comments on ongoing debates.

In addition to some private contributions, Justitia receives its primary support from, among others, foundations and companies. Below are some of Justitia's sponsors: