Global Tolerance Forum


17th of September 2015 at 10.00-17.00

Universal Tolerance Organization (UTO) and Drammen Sacred Music Festival invite you to the second Tolerance Forum in Drammen, Norway. In September, they will host the “Global Tolerance Forum” as the second Tolerance Forum to be held in Drammen Theater.

The GTF will become a result- oriented and dynamic global platform with meaningful participation of a range of experts, leaders, actors, groups, individuals, government, parties, NGOs and others, where director of Justitia Jacob Mchangama will participate amongst others.

This year’s forum is divided several relevant topics:

  • Religious Dialogue, limitations and challenges;
  • Religious extremism, security concerns and religious freedom;
  • UTO, in partnership with some of the Norwegian and international organizations, would like to use this occasion to put human rights and tolerance issues on the agenda globally.

The purpose of Tolerance Forum are:

  • Promoting dialogue and tolerance as useful means for conflict resolution and coexistence in diverse communities.
  • Creating an arena for dialogue and discussions on difficult current issues at the interface between tolerance and human rights.
  • Bringing great forces – as experts, social debaters, NGOs, activists, politicians, representatives from governments and individuals – to exchange knowledge and experiences about different forms of intolerance and discuss various types of approaches to these challenges.

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