WIRED: How Denmark’s Welfare State Became a Surveillance Nightmare


Justitia is not alone in our criticism of the extensive and undifferentiated control that public authorities can and will use to hunt for errors and fraud.

@Wired features an article describing Denmark as the European champion in surveillance of its citizens using artificial intelligence.

The algorithm uses nationality as a factor in its search for fraud, which is criticized as ethnic profiling. However, the interviewed Danish authorities do not express that they are at odds with citizens’ rights.

The public sector is becoming more digitized and data-driven, making data ethical considerations more important than ever.

In 2019, @Birgitte Arent Eiriksson stated that the authorities were at odds with the European Convention on Human Rights. Although control “may be considered legitimate, there is much to suggest that data processing – and in particular data linkages – exceed the limits of compliance with the proportionality requirement.”

A limit that, according to @Wired, has only been further exceeded since then.


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